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Vaping has become the new social norm among the younger generation, mainly due to its better solution to smoking since the variant is known to be much safer than traditional cigarettes. The device is aesthetically pleasing in design and many types of vape products in the market suit youngsters. Today’s article discusses disposable vape brands such as Vapetape 12,000, Lana Pen, and Relx. The brands have a lot of things in common such as the number of puffs, flavors, and nicotine strength. 

How do these disposable vapes differ from rechargeable/vape pods, and what are their strengths? Unlike the standard vapes, disposable vapes are non-reusable and non-rechargeable devices that are prepped, which means users don’t need to go through the hassle of choosing which e-liquid to get and charging up the device before vaping.

4 Benefits Of Disposable Vape

Low Or No Maintenance

Gone are the days of micromanaging your vape, such as coil replacement, charging up, and getting new batteries for your vape devices. A lot of vape users often forget to charge their devices; hence that prevents them from vaping the very next day. That is the whole point of a disposable vape. Now you don’t need to worry about maintaining or charging your vape device as you can vape on the go. If you worry about the puff amount, look at the latest disposable vapes, such as Vapetape 12,000 Puffs.

The brand provides 25 unique flavors, including Lemon Cola, Honeydew Watermelon, Mix Berries, Sour Bubblegum, Red Slurpee and more. 


Convenience & Travel

Picture this. You don’t have to overthink choosing the right flavor as it is already pre-filled. Frequently we constantly think about changing the flavor in between, especially when you have the refillable vape pod; hence that consumes time and money. Besides that, disposable vapes like Vapetape 12,000 weigh around 85g which is very lightweight. You can easily fit them into your wallet, pouch, or pocket. With that said, you can also bring it during travels or anywhere. Speaking of travel, having a compact vape device with you would reduce your burden. Imagine getting extra materials such as batteries, chargers, and liquid flavors. 

You don’t want to think about that, especially traveling on a plane with carry-on luggage. For cigarette smokers, this is also an excellent time to replace cigarettes with disposable vapes like RELX that produce a minimum amount of toxic chemical fumes, especially if you are traveling with your spouse and other family members. We are all aware of the deadly secondhand smoke and its harmful effects. That is not the case for disposable vapes.



The pricing is certainly less compared to other variants, such as smoking and rechargeable vape mods. The price depends on several factors, such as size, number of puffs, and the brand itself. Due to these factors are generally affordable, and at SGvape hub, you have plenty to choose from, depending on your budget. For instance, you can take 2000 puffs of Lana Pen, which are priced at $15, or if your budget is slightly higher, then you can go for 5000 puffs of Lanabar vapes, which are priced at $18.

That way, you can set your budget correctly for every month because disposable vaping, in a way, forces you to stop vaping once the device is all used up. If you are nicotine dependent and want to cut costs, this is the best way to start. Lana pen contains 6 ML of e-liquid. Regarding smoking/vaping, that amount of liquid is equivalent to three packs of cigarettes. For heavy smokers, it’s time for you to do the maths and stop smoking today.



Commonly, refillable vapes are not resistant to water and easily leak due to several factors such as coil, overfilling the pod, and low battery. Nowadays, disposable vapes are waterproof and manufactured with leak-proof technology. If you are constantly walking around while having your vape in your pocket, then it is advisable to proceed with disposable vapes since they do not discharge flavor at any time. No leakage means there is no wastage. Thus you don’t have to think about how much money you have wasted due to this flavor spillage. 


The Best Choice

There are certainly more benefits of disposable vapes than we provide here. Not to forget, they also have a variety of flavors, and if you are a fruit lover, you would certainly love to try disposable vapes. Suggestions? Then you may want to try LANA‘s fruitful flavors, such as Passion, Mango, Watermelon, and Apple. So we want to remind you again of the strengths of disposable vape; Price, Convenience, plenty of flavors, and no leakage. Visit our page SG Vape Hub to learn more about the latest disposable vape brands, such as Vapetape, RELX, Lana, and many more!

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